Take Back Your Brain!  teaches you how to wrest your attention away from commercial marketing and other distractions and focus instead on achieving whatever is most important to you. How will you do this? By advertising to yourself!

This site teaches you how to create those advertising campaigns for yourself and then shows you how to use the gadgets you already carry around with you to deliver those ads. (Don’t worry–for those who are less technically-inclined there are also plenty of examples that use old school methods like paper, tape, and sticky notes.)

We call this process of taking strategies that are normally used to manipulate us and subverting them for our own purposes “personal marketing.”

How to get started

The About TBYB! page is a good place to start reading about personal marketing. It lays out the case for why you might want to advertise to yourself, and explains the three main strategies we use to do it here at TBYB!:

  • Learn the techniques professionals use to persuade us and borrow any that seem useful.
  • Use our personal technology tools to make effective ads aimed at influencing ourselves.
  • Use personal technology again to automate delivery of those messages.

10 steps to powerful personal marketing is a good article to read next, because it shows you how to apply a marketing mindset to achieving your own goals. Or if you just want to jump in and start doing it, here are 10 easy ways to advertise to yourself.

To learn more about personal marketing I invite you to browse the complete article index. Welcome–I’m glad you’re here. Lynn