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Guest post: Find Authentic Happiness with personal marketing

This article demonstrates how to use one of the main ideas of Positive Psychology–your strengths–to generate ideas for ads designed to make you happier.

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Guest post: How to deliver tagged Flickr photos to your desktop with the Google Photos Gadget

This is a technique I had not tried before, and I really like it. For starters, it’s dead easy. Once I set up a theme feed other people literally do all of the work. You’ve gotta love that! Another great thing is that variety and novelty are built in. For example, I currently have photos tagged “water polo” streaming to my Photos gadget, since that’s something I want to focus on this year. Every time someone posts a new photo on Flickr with that tag, it’s automatically delivered to my desktop, so I’m always seeing new pictures about water polo. That keeps my interest level high, which causes me to pay attention to the ads. And using personal ads to keep our attention on the things we want to accomplish is what personal marketing is all about.

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Guest post: How to use Flickr to find pictures for your ads

TBYB! thanks Lise of Frugal in the Fruitlands for writing this excellent two-part tutorial about how to use Flickr photos to illustrate your ads. In this first installment, she walks you through the process of locating and downloading images about your topic. Those of you who are working on a New Year collage should find this material really helpful for locating those hard-to-find pictures of your dreams for 2009.

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