Personal marketing in the bathroom: better than taking a magazine!

bathroom ad

Thanks to “Bathroom Reader” for suggesting my new favorite location to place ads! Bathroom Reader posted a comment on Ads on the moon? Are you freaking kidding me?! a couple of weeks ago:

“Speaking of bathrooms, how about on the wall in front of the toilet seat? Some of us spend quite a bit of time staring at those walls. My health club has a “stall talk” sheet posted on the inside of their toilet stalls, and manages to market their weight-loss programs, personal trainers, etc to us as we sit there. It’s one of those unused pieces of blank wall on which a great ad could be posted.”

It sounded like a good idea to me, so I taped a copy of one of the ads I printed for my Exercise ad campaign in front of the toilet.

That location meets several of our criteria:

  • Once you place the ad, exposure occurs with no further effort on your part.
  • You see it automatically in the course of a normal daily activity.
  • You are exposed to it several times a day.

Early testing indicates that this location is a winner, folks! I’ve tried placing copies of pictures from the exercise campaign in several different locations – on the bathroom mirror, kitchen cupboards and over my desk. But I seem to notice the ad more, and even to experience a more positive response to it, in front of the toilet than anyplace else I’ve tried so far. I have no idea why that is, but who cares? Go figure.

Maybe there’s a reason there’s a cliche about taking reading material into the bathroom!

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